RCSA Race Advisory Committee (RAC) Members

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Rob Herkes (RCS 776)

One of my favourite Rotto Swim memories is sitting on the pub wall with my support crew, family and friends back in the early days cheering on the swimmers coming across the finish line. The swimmers elation, sheer exhaustion but satisfaction on the their faces is priceless.

Being first introduced to the swim in 2002 when he undertook a support role, Rob Herkes has since been hooked and in awe of the event. Along with a number team swims, Rob has completed 15 solo crossings of the Rottnest Channel.
Rob likes to assist first-time Rottnest Channel swimmers in training and nutrition as well as paddlers, support crew and skippers in helpful tips that will assist them in completing their crossing successfully, whilst promoting the iconic event.
When he’s out of the water, Rob is a full-time senior career fire fighter with DFES and a casually employed zoo keeper at Perth Zoo. Rob hopes to bring his experience in dealing with emergency situations and incidents as well as his passion for the swim.

Rob joined the RCSA Board in 2021 and the Race Advisory Committee in October 2023.

Shannon Smith (RCS 2567)

My second solo was in 2022 and it was a pretty rough day weather wise. I completed a tandem crossing with one of my best mates, we were excited and had spent all summer together training. We were smashed by stingers and my tandem partner battled sea sickness for most of the swim. Seeing her persevere and crossing the line together on the day was a pretty special moment that I will never forget. The beauty and challenge of the swim is you just never know what you’re gonna get on the day and that’s something I love about it!

Shannon is a High School Physical Education teacher and now Deputy Principal, who has always had a passion for sport, keeping active, and connecting with people. Shannon has had a love for swimming since she was a little kid splashing around in our family pool, and always thought what an amazing Event the Rottnest Channel Swim is. In 2019 Shannon participated in her first Rotto Swim in a Team and absolutely caught Rotto Swim fever. Since, she has completed the swim in all categories: Team, Duo, Solo and Tandem Solo. Joining the Race Advisory Committee is a great opportunity for her to be able to volunteer their time and give back to the race and the Rotto swim community that has given so much.

Shannon joined the RCSA Race Advisory Committee in October 2023.

Dave Brackstone (RCS 2688)

My favourite Rotto Swim memory is ...

Dave is...

Dave was a casual Committee Member from xxx to xxx.
Dave joined the RCSA Race Advisory Committee in October 2023.

Georgi Powers

My favouite Rotto Swim memory is bringing together old swim club friends to complete our first team crossing.

Georgi currently works at the University of Western Australia.

Georgi joined the RCSA Race Advisory Committee in November 2023.

Steve Smith

My favourite Rotto Swim memory is accompanying elite record-breaking soloists as referee from start to finish and observing the outcome of different race strategies.

Steve is...

Steve has been involved as a Race Official since xxx
Steve joined the RCSA Race Advisory Committee in October 2023.