Swimmers can have their Solo Crossing ratified by the RCSA provided certain requirements have been met. These requirements are primarily related to the swimmers’ safety and welfare, as well as obtaining approvals from the Department of Transport and Fremantle Port Authority (being the relevant government bodies that have control over any activity conducted within the Rottnest channel). As an organisation with an obligation to swimmers’ safety and welfare, these requirements are the same as those in place during the annual Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim.

  • Obtain approval to swim from the Department of Transport (Marine Safety). This includes complying with the WA marine safety legislation. Ph: (08) 6551 6000.
  • Obtain approval to swim from the Fremantle Port Authority (Harbour Master). Ph: (08) 9430 3555. Email:
  • Obtain approval to swim from the Rottnest Island Authority. Ph: (08) 9432 9111
  • Identify and appoint an individual to observe and validate your solo crossing.
  • Complete a 10km qualifying swim in less than 4 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Organise safety and logistics briefing/meeting with swimmer, observer, paddler and skipper.
  • Attempt your Rottnest Channel Swim solo crossing.
  • Provide the Rottnest Channel Swim Association with all details relating to the preparation and execution of your solo crossing for committee ratification. To ensure you submit everything, you can use the DIY Checklist as a guide.